Paradise Music Library is a curated selection of sound and sample packs that are created, and sourced by producers from all around the world. We pride ourselves in being a producer first platform and looking after our team of talented creatives. A small, but tight knit community of artists who share one common goal- create freely and hope what is created stands the test of time. Founded in June of 2022 by producer 'eeryskies'. The platform was created to house his samples, and eventually as the brand grew, house the samples of his friends and fellow creatives. Each sample pack is created or curated with absolute attention to detail and designed to creatively push our team, while providing our customers with sounds that push the needle forward. We aim to provide our producers the best splits, and our customers the best quality, at the best price. At the end of the day- Paradise Music Library can be summed up as a group of friends creating music to share with the word in hopes that someone listening on the other end finds some inspiration. Welcome to Paradise. Stay a while, and enjoy.